[Bf-cycles] Object color property in cycles?

Constantin Rahn crahn at vrchannel.de
Tue Jan 15 18:38:52 CET 2013


Hmm... I thought you could use the Object/Material index there. I can't 
figgure out how to use it inside a material (only how to use in compositor).
I have only used the random value to controll a color ramp. There I saw 
the Object / Material index but never used it.
Sorry for that.

Happy Blending

Am 15.01.2013 18:00, schrieb Vilem Novak:
> Hello,
> sorry to write here, but I really miss any way to send per-object 
> animatable color and alpha in cycles.
> Would it be possible in future to implement Object color support , or 
> any other way to animate color not depending on mesh data(vcols) or 
> material? It would be great as part of Object Info, or similar node...
> It forces me still to use BI for my job, where I animate many objects 
> which need to change color and alpha - in educational videos, where 
> new parts need to appear and disappear, and molecular process 
> simulations. Maintain many materials in such scenes is almost 
> impossible...
> thanks
> Vilem Novak
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