[Bf-cycles] Script node updating from OSL defaults

Lukas Tönne lukas.toenne at gmail.com
Fri Jan 11 13:03:46 CET 2013

> I don't think this would be a good change. One reason is that updating
> the node is not only done by developers, but also by artists using it
> in actual projects. If you have a new version of a script with a
> bugfix or new feature then it should be safe to update the node
> without breaking materials.

Hmm, yes, it would be a problem especially when loading a .blend file
and the script is compiled for the first time and then just resets all

> The second reason is that it is useful to develop the node with
> multiple objects using different variations of parameters.

Ok, i was suggesting using separate nodes to keep variants of the node
in different contexts, but that may be too complicated.

But how about adding an explicit "reset to defaults" button? That way
one could quickly test the OSL parameter defaults without destroying a
carefully set up scene.

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