[Bf-cycles] Network render status and design

Brecht Van Lommel brechtvanlommel at pandora.be
Thu Dec 12 23:06:27 CET 2013

That's a different topic basically, unrelated to renderers, the goal
here of this is to make it possible for multiple to computers to
render a single image interactively.

Remote desktop sharing is in fact what you want I think. It would not
be convenient to have that in Blender itself, it should share the
entire desktop so that you can use other applications like file
browsers, image editors, etc. Further, having such a system built into
Blender wouldn't improve interactivity significantly, if at all. Fast
desktop sharing over the internet is problematic, but we wouldn't be
able to do a better job than existing desktop sharing or thin client

On Thu, Dec 12, 2013 at 10:23 PM, Germano Cavalcante
<germano.costa at ig.com.br> wrote:
> About the network subject I have a doubt. It would be possible to work
> remotely in a Blender File opened on a different computer? For example:
> working on the laptop controlling a powerful home computer via the network?
> I know there are "programs Remote Desktop Sharing", but they are limited
> because the host window is not displayed in real time.
> I just wanted to know if this limitation could be overcome, and if there are
> plans for it.
> 2013/12/8 Brecht Van Lommel <brechtvanlommel at pandora.be>
>> Hi all,
>> Recently some work on network rendering got merged.
>> http://developer.blender.org/rB85a0c5d4e1030a5fa95ad7450958a1b0fa033381
>> It's still rough and experimental, but works somewhat. For people who
>> want to work on this code, I wrote down some design things that have
>> come up talking to others, but that weren't written down anywhere yet:
>> http://wiki.blender.org/index.php/Dev:2.6/Source/Render/Cycles/Network_Render
>> Brecht.
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