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I think most people refer to GI baking when they talk about baking with
Cycles. We can already do most other kinds of baking with BI.

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> 2013/8/10 Thomas Dinges <blender at dingto.org>
>> > - Texture baking
>> Not a real priority, if I remember the plans correct. Meaning that we'd
>> like to finish bigger features (Displacement, Volume...) first.
>> Also on a personal note, I don't know of any path tracer that supports
>> texture baking. Whether it is Arnold, Indigo... I always here the
>> argument that we need Texture Baking for Game Engine users, but Cycles
>> is meant for animations and film, not for Game Engines.
> Actually for animation it's still used. Baking is often part of workflow
> while making textures, sometimes you need to render outmaterial - flat
> colors -
> to alter it in 2D app or baked out textures are part for example, there
> are other
> use-cases.
> It's not only Game Art feature.
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