[Bf-cycles] GSoC - Hair shaders for cycles strand

Girish Ramesh rgirish28 at gmail.com
Mon Apr 22 08:09:03 CEST 2013

Hi Stuart,

So, are you not pursuing implementation of the Marschner model or the Zinke
model? Or is that in the pipeline as Brecht mentioned? The Sadeghi model is
very popular with artists and gives them great control over all the
components of the shader. I am familiar with the implementation of the dual
scattering model that Sadeghi et all have provided. It is definitely a big
help in understand dual scattering and I hope I get a chance to implement
it. Thanks for the details on the current implementation.


On 22 April 2013 06:39, Stuart Broadfoot <gbroadfoot at hotmail.com> wrote:

>   Hi Girish,
>    I would really welcome the addition of dual scattering. For now the
> scheme that I settled on for the shader is the one proposed by Sadeghi et
> al (2010), with the R,TT and TRT components being calculated using
> approximations given by J. Ou et al (`ISHair: Importance Sampling for Hair
> Scattering’). Sadeghi et al explicitly mention dual scattering in regards
> to the diffuse component and give some details on the implementation, that
> you may find interesting. I decided on this over other physically accurate
> models since it does not require pre-computation and is quite artist
> friendly. More advanced models can definitely be added later though.
> Stuart
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