[Bf-cycles] Possible faster (x2) Viewport Border rendering complex scenes

David Black db4tech at yahoo.co.uk
Sun Apr 14 19:08:26 CEST 2013

Hi Brecht,

*Possible Faster Viewport Border Rendering Complex Scenes:*

Nothing to do with my previously mentioned half resolution option for 
faster Viewport rendering.

There may be a way to speed up viewport border rendering for complex 
scenes.  While preforming some tests, I noticed on complex scenes, where 
only a small area of the viewport is selected for border rendering, 
there is a huge render speed difference dependent on what is displayed 
in the rest of the viewport presently not being rendered.  Tested in 
camera view with 2 GTX 580's and on a Laptop with a GTX580m.

*Test Method:*
Selected a small region  (top right) of the viewport for border 
rendering on a complex scene, moved the same region around different 
parts of the viewport and noticed a huge render speed up when complex 
areas of the scene not presently being rendered are moved outside of the 
viewport view.

It seems solid OpenGL drawing the rest of a complex scene while border 
region is rendering is the culprit, could having the rest of the scene 
draw in wireframe mode only, instead of solid, outside of the border 
render region provide a faster viewport border render for everyone?

**Border render small square top right of viewport complex scene:*
2 GTX 580 16 seconds, GTX 580m 32 seconds

*Same border region moved to bottom left of viewport:*
2 GTX 580 5 seconds, GTX 580m 14 seconds

Thank you for your time,


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