[Bf-cycles] Render All Layers in only one Render

Eibriel eibriel at yahoo.com.ar
Thu Apr 11 00:47:02 CEST 2013

Hi Bretch, if I know what object(layer) correspond to each sample I can
store that information on the corresponding layer.
So I'll have different layers in only one render.

And each layer will be free of artifacts on the borders since don't store
any information of other layers.

I'll be able to change the texture, illumination, etc of only one object, rerender it, and composite it
without any artifacts in the borders.
I'll be able too to color correct that layer better.

I'll don't need any mask to do that.

And in the future, if I can continue the ray through the object I'll get all the complete layers in only
one render allowing me to do motion blur and depth of field on composition.


On Wed, Apr 10, 2013 at 4:34 PM, Eibriel <eibriel at yahoo.com.ar  <http://lists.blender.org/mailman/listinfo/bf-cycles>> wrote:
>/  1)
/>/  Is there some proposal to render all Layers in only one Render (and not
/>/  with a "for" statement).
/>/  Something like
/>/  Render Sample
/>/  Witch Layer correspond with the Sample?
/>/  Send Sample to that Layer
/>/  With that method the background layers will have holes for the
/>/  foreground layers, but is very useful anyway.
I haven't heard a request for this before. But I think if you set Mask
Layer to the opposite of Layer then you would get this result.

>/  2)
/>/  A more specific question, is there any way to know what object (and what
/>/  layer) correspond to every sample?
Maybe you mean something like the Object Index pass? The question
isn't really clear to me though. Every pixel is the average of N
samples, and with the Object Index pass you can find roughly which
object each pixel corresponds to, but it's not exact because there are
multiple samples per pixel.


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