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Confirmed. What I understood is that Nvidia took out a piece of hardware that does caching and memory balancing. Perfect for complex systems like Cycles, but hardly useful for gameplaying consumers. This to have a product out to beat specs of AMD's game cards.

Advice is to stick to the gtx 580 series for now. Interestingly enough, that type of gfx card totally sold out here when nvidia came with keplers. 


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On 25 Sep, 2012, at 12:45, Мукаев Виктор wrote:

> As far as i know, Keplers are lacking of good memory management. There were some nvidia guys at Siggraph that mentioned it.
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> Hi, i ve made a lots of testing about this, and actually the gk104 gpu familly is really weak on double precision op?rations...
> So, every 6xx gpu are slower than 5xx ... 5 cores of 6xx = 1 core of 5xx in double...
> Only one version of blender on graphicall have succeded to run cycles on an Asus 680 dcuii , but i ve also made some tests with iray and other gpu renderer... It s the same...
> Nvidia have said that the first kepler 2 will come with the tesla k20, and new quadro and gtx after... 6 month to wait minimum...
> So i ve built for a little studio a rendering machine with 4 580 gainward phantom 3 go, and i think it s the better price/speed actual solution...
> But i think that Brecht will say more about this. ( don't think that s possible to convert everything in single pr?cision )
> Regards...
> Myke
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