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Hi, i ve made a lots of testing about this, and actually the gk104 gpu familly is really weak on double precision opérations...
So, every 6xx gpu are slower than 5xx ... 5 cores of 6xx = 1 core of 5xx in double...
Only one version of blender on graphicall have succeded to run cycles on an Asus 680 dcuii , but i ve also made some tests with iray and other gpu renderer... It s the same...
Nvidia have said that the first kepler 2 will come with the tesla k20, and new quadro and gtx after... 6 month to wait minimum...
So i ve built for a little studio a rendering machine with 4 580 gainward phantom 3 go, and i think it s the better price/speed actual solution...
But i think that Brecht will say more about this. ( don't think that s possible to convert everything in single précision )

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I'm interested to know if Cycles works on Kepler arhitecture (6xx series) and if there are any benchmarks that would show a comparison in speed with Fermi (say a 680 vs a 580). 
If Cycles doesn't work on Kepler cards, could you estimate when such support will be added?

I need to buy a new render card, since my last one died and the decision which one is a lot dependent on how (if) it works with Cycles.


Matej Mo, freelance CG artist
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