[Bf-cycles] Render tiles in GPU vs CPU

Przemyslaw Golab golab.przemyslaw at gmail.com
Thu Nov 8 14:49:09 CET 2012

Cycles Wiki Manual lacks info about tiles - or I'm blind - maybe this is
the issue?

What Daniel and Sergey wrote here is partially new for me to. :)
Although I found tiles size commit in (really nice) Release Logs of Cycles.
There is just so many new infos there that it's easy to forget or miss
something ^^' Sometimes descriptions may be too confusing to understand for
some users, but for that we have forums :)


Cycles Manual and Releas Logs are super good and informative, but sometimes
something may be missed, which is normal, questions on ML is good red light
for missing docs. I think.

There could be more info about Cycles not included in docs (manual &
release logs), for example some about how to work with multi GPU - Andrew
Price had few question here about why only one GPU is used by Cycles and
how to fix it - or muli GPU + tiles.
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