[Bf-cycles] Render tiles in GPU vs CPU

Adriano Oliveira adriano.ufrb at gmail.com
Thu Nov 8 01:02:23 CET 2012


Subdividing render image in tiles has very inconsistent behavior in CPU and
GPU: more tiles are good for CPU, BUT less are better for GPU.

With my i7, 8x8 is ok. With my GTX 560 Ti, 1x1 is the best. With another
dual GTX 590 system, I've found 3x3 to be fastest...

Problem: with 8x8 as default, non-advised GPU users are experiencing longer
render times.

In last builds, tiles became pixel based, what is not good for GPU users,
as long as we should now set it up for equal image size and this can change
a lot for preview. And as strange as it gets, I’ve found that tile size of
1920x1080 is fast even for a 960x540 render…

I think this is getting messy.

Adriano A. Oliveira
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