[Bf-cycles] Shading tangents patch (for the ward anisotropic closure)

Michael Fox mfoxdogg at gmail.com
Thu Mar 22 07:54:00 CET 2012

On 22/03/12 17:05, Mike Farnsworth wrote:
> Here is a patch that re-enables the Ward anisotropic shading node, and
> builds proper smoothed tangents on meshes for shading.  It only builds
> and uploads the data as a node requests it, to minimize the memory
> hit.  It computes tangents per face-vertex (corner), as it will
> respect discontinuous UVs as they are assigned by the artist.
> In the case the UVs are missing, it currently tends to just render
> black.  It would be nice if it fell back to something more reasonable
> (like faceted dPdu), but I couldn't easily figure out how to tell the
> node in the kernel that no loadable tangents were available.  So, it
> is currently a hard requirement for using the anisotropic shading
> closure that UVs must be laid out on the mesh first.
> -Mike
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Thank you so much for working on this, there is some issues though


firstly, it should not be darker then regular gloss
secondly, it dosn't respect UV discontinuities, granted this is how BI's 
tangents are made, but in modern rendering its not allowed, that's what 
mikktspace lib is for, to get help on how to use it, get a hold of 
sparky in #blendercoders he knows more about tangents then we will ever 
know :)

Great work so far, keep it up :)
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