[Bf-cycles] RenderSettings.use_border

Jordan Miller jrdnmlr at gmail.com
Sun Jun 24 16:36:25 CEST 2012


This works in Cycles!

I am trying to scale-up my renders for printing poster-size. Obviously I run out of memory quickly with my video card. However, if we could break up the scene into chunks and render those then it would be a lot faster to use GPU since it could fit on the GPU memory.

My experiments here are true, the use border setting followed by shift-B to define the rendered area. A scene that barely does not fit on my video card DOES fit if I create 4 versions of the .blend file with a shift-B defined quadrant in each one for rendering.

How do I script the border size option? I found:

But that is a boolean and does not have values for x,y.

So if we can find the python definition for these then I could add a preference for rendering "Tiles" with cycles that the user could assemble afterwards.

This could allow crowd-sourcing of Mango rendering, for example, where even weak GPU cards could render pixels for the final movie.

please help me find how to programmatically set the shift-B border size and position so that we can add this feature to Blender!


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