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Tim Copeland tim at criteriondigital.net
Sun Jun 3 19:54:58 CEST 2012

I usually blow out machines with a shop vac with the hose on the blow
side. I have even used lawn
and leaf blowers as well, just be careful with that method because of
just how much air it creates.

Quite often large amounts of dust can build up inside heat sinks and
fans causing thermal issues,
especially if there are pets in the house. This can be very bad if there
are any smokers in the house.
I hate it when people bring me machines that have been in a smoke
environment. The smoke glues
the dust to every thing inside the machine like a sticky paste. In such
cases the entire machine must
be disassembled and cleaned with alcohol and cotton swabs. For heat
syncs that can be removed, glass
cleaner and HOT water work very well, but make sure they are dry before
trying to reassemble.

Make sure all the fans inside the computer are clean and spin freely.
Including the one inside the power supply.
Some times the bearings will seize up, and the fans will no longer spin.
Over the years I have worked on a technique
for disassembling, cleaning, and greasing the bearing in fans. This is a
very delicate procedure, so replacing the fans
is usually recommended. However, if you are good with your hands, and
have plenty of tools for working on tiny
things, you can restore fans to working condition. Works great for
quieting noisy fans that tend to growl as well.

On Sun, 2012-06-03 at 21:54 +1000, Luke Frisken wrote:

> Clean out the dust around heat sink area with an air compressor? Apply
> some new thermal paste between the processor and the heat sink? It
> doesn't cost much to buy. Not saying these improvements to cycles
> would be bad, but hopefully your hardware can be fixed too, as
> overheating is something that should not occur in normal circumstances
> (without overclocking, or not 40 degree day).
> On Sun, Jun 3, 2012 at 1:32 PM, ZonedCode Media
> <zonedcodemedia at gmail.com> wrote:
>              All,
>              New user of Blender and especially Cycles. I have a
>         problem. My computer isn't very good. In fact, whenever I am
>         rendering, it overheats and shuts off, even when I am blowing
>         cool air into the room. I can get about 300 samples before it
>         shuts down, but for some things I am doing, I need as many as
>         5000. However, if I can pause the rendering, my computer
>         should have the chance to cool down.
>              I know that Cycles can pause rendering in the rendered
>         view on the 3D Viewport. However, I have not been able to find
>         out if it can be paused in the final rendering. My question:
>         can it be paused, and if so, what is the python command (I am
>         going to write a script that pauses rendering every 200
>         samples and waiting 10-15 minutes for the computer to cool
>         down).
>              If not, is it on the todo list? I might be willing to
>         dive into the code and put it there if needed.
>              Sorry, it's a really random question, but it can apply
>         other places too.
>              God Bless,
>              Gavin Howard
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