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     New user of Blender and especially Cycles. I have a problem. My
computer isn't very good. In fact, whenever I am rendering, it overheats
and shuts off, even when I am blowing cool air into the room. I can get
about 300 samples before it shuts down, but for some things I am doing, I
need as many as 5000. However, if I can pause the rendering, my computer
should have the chance to cool down.

     I know that Cycles can pause rendering in the rendered view on the 3D
Viewport. However, I have not been able to find out if it can be paused in
the final rendering. My question: can it be paused, and if so, what is the
python command (I am going to write a script that pauses rendering every
200 samples and waiting 10-15 minutes for the computer to cool down).

     If not, is it on the todo list? I might be willing to dive into the
code and put it there if needed.

     Sorry, it's a really random question, but it can apply other places

     God Bless,

     Gavin Howard
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