[Bf-cycles] Post processing recontruction on GI

Mickaël Bourgeoisat myke at octopod-studio.com
Tue Jul 24 23:38:23 CEST 2012

Hi everybody and first thanks to all Blender devs for your works...
Here is a question and perhaps a way to improve cycles.
There is more and more new maner to improve path-tracing rendering, and 
i was reading this paper : 
when i have released it can be (perhaps) be applicated to cycles in the 
post-processing render.
I haven't read anywhere that it is planned in the cycles future, and so 
here is my question :
here is a post processing filter like this GI reconstruction planned or 
anything approching ?
Thanks a lot for your answer and i hope some piece of intersting math in 
this paper.

MyKe - Octopod Studio
(from france, a new studio which has switched to blender... Editor of 
the Blender FormaCD collections ...)

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