[Bf-cycles] Cycles and Blender Internal integration.

Cezary Kopias cezary.kopias at gmail.com
Wed Feb 8 22:22:34 CET 2012

Bassam: Your solution with nodal blender internal and cycles seams to work
( i didn't know that you can have internal and cycles nodes together
in material - thx).
I will test that extensively since it would be all i need. I think internal is
a good companion for cycles also I sometimes render one frame in
cycles and animation in internal since its faster (some kind of collage).
I am thinking (in long term) about an efficient way of mixing
different render engines in general.
Beside that I can run cycles GPU render and internal CPU
at the same time but its only for night renderings.

Dalai: I think you cant use "scene = bpy.context.scene" since render
nodes in comp
can be in different scene that is rendering (its context sensitive)
but your script is a nice example.
I scripted working solution but i fear that constantly looping in mats
can be dangerous
for large amount of materials in scene.

I am satisfied with Bassam solution and thx for all replays.

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