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Thanks for the reply. I see. Just thought that because the limit of the VRAM.


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> Hi,
> On Sun, Dec 9, 2012 at 3:10 PM, Juan Pablo Scotto
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> > But is it posible to implement, one feature that gives you the posibility to
> > choose what objects in a scene can be rendered in CPU or GPU?.
> > For example if you are making a scene with grass with hair and other
> > objects. You can render the grass with cpu and the other objects in GPU.
> > That will be very usefull for the people that has a GPU with less Vram than
> > RAM.
> >
> > I'ts just and opinion. What do you think about? Is it totally crazy the
> > idea?
> Hybrid rendering where you split shading and ray intersection can be
> done as shown by Luxrender. Intersecting some objects and the GPU and
> some on the CPU is possible in principle, but it gets tricky and I'm
> not so sure about the advantages over just doing all intersections on
> the CPU then, speed gains might be minimal.
> For Cycles I don't see hybrid rendering as a priority, I think there's
> many other optimizations that should be tackled first.
> Brecht.
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