[Bf-cycles] GPU future

David Bucciarelli davibu at interfree.it
Sun Dec 9 11:46:47 CET 2012

Il 09/12/2012 05:01, storm ha scritto:
> But selected hardware (AMD :) )can have limits, and force to use 
> hybrid model, as Luxrender show. 

I'm not aware of any particular AMD hardware limitation. A HD7970 is a 
lot faster than a GTX680 in GPU rendering.

LuxRender uses hybrid rendering because the hundred of thousands of 
lines of Lux code will never runs on any GPUs. For the same reason, it 
very unlikely to ever see OSL in any GPU renderer.

If you want 99% of features you have on the CPU, you have to use hybrid 
rendering. If you want to run at full GPUs speed, you have to accept 
many limitations. LuxRender has an hybrid renderer for the first case, 
and now a SLG renderer for the second.


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