[Bf-cycles] Cycles, Pictures & file extension

Christian Monfort monfort.c at gmail.com
Tue Aug 14 20:14:21 CEST 2012

Hi again,

It seems cycles is doing weird stuff based on picture file extensions:

On the default scene switch to cycles, UV unwrap the cube, create a
material with just 3 nodes:
[ Image.Texture/Color ] <--> [ Color/Diffuse.BSDF/BSDF ] <--> [
Surface/Material.Output ]

Load a .dds (I'm using DXT5 compression) picture (eg. /tmp/pic1.dds)
in Image.Texture node
switch veiwport shading method to Rendered in 3D view
=> All is ok and picture is on all cube faces.

Now, copy /tmp/pic1.dds to /tmp/pic1.tga (not very clever, but...)
and load the "dds renamed as tga" picture file (/tmp/pic1.tga) in
Image.Texture node
=> The cube turns purple!!!

>From what I've read on OIIO, it's using plugins to load pictures and
tries them all until it find the one that
can handle the data in the file you want to load (the same way as
Blende, btw), so that should not make any difference...

So I can only suppose something is assuming .tga files contains tga
data, either in OIIO or in cycles,
and does not check any further, because the 2 files are exactly the same...


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