[Bf-cycles] MSVC debug mode BVH fix

Agustin Benavidez agustinbenavidez at gmail.com
Sun Apr 29 08:36:03 CEST 2012

Hi Brecht, after update svn with the recent BVH optimizations, MS VisualC++
in debug mode was complaining about  BoundBox::empty being
static class member not defined in any source file, throwing
a unresolved link error.
I just defined:

        BoundBox::empty_t BoundBox::empty;

in bvh.cpp and it now works fine. The weird is thing is in release mode it
doesn't complain about this undefined static member.
I don't attach a patch because it seems more simple just copy and paste the
above line in bvh.cpp or in the proper .cpp file.

Best regards
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