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Wed Apr 18 17:47:50 CEST 2012

Hi Brecht, 

I am currently working with Helmut Satzger from the High Performance Computing Group in Germany on an animation project in Cycles. We are attempting and hoping to do all the rendering on some of their high-end machines. However, we're currently getting consistent segmentation faults on each of the machines with anything later than Blender 2.62. Blender 2.61 works fine but that's it. We're really hoping to use many of the newer Cycles features, though and so 2.61 is not a very good option. 

The specs of the machines are:

1. Sun-Fire X4600 with dual socket AMD Opteron 8-core
2. SGI Altix Ultraviolet systems with Intel Nehalem processors with 1040 cores in total. 

I know that Cycles has not been heavily tested on this kind of hardware but is there anything we can do to start narrowing down the problem and try and get this working? It will render for a short while and then always segmentation faults; no matter what the file is really. 

I can try to provide any additional information if needed.


Jonathan Williamson

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