[Bf-cycles] Camera Layers don't occlude light sources

Jonathan Williamson jonathan at cgcookie.com
Wed Apr 4 04:19:15 CEST 2012

Hi Brecht, 

I've recently encountered something with Render Layers that is a bit cumbersome, and potentially a bug but I wasn't sure. I wanted to check here before reporting the bug. I talked with a few developers on #blendercoders about it and they weren't sure. 

I know that camera layers act like disabling Camera visibility for objects, and that those objects are still indirectly visible; but is this also true for light sources (including mesh lights)?  

Currently it does not seem to be possible to restrict a mesh light source from illuminating an object without disabling the scene layer. However, when trying to setup multiple layers, with different lights, it's not currently possible to render each of these individually without manually adjusting the scene layers for each render or else by using scenes. Neither of these methods are optimal though. 

Is this a bug or merely a limitation of path tracing? 


Jonathan Williamson
Education Manager and Instructor 
CG Cookie, Inc

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