[Bf-cycles] Crash when toggling text antialiasing

Sanne sanne at lavabit.com
Mon Sep 19 13:33:04 CEST 2011


I'm experiencing irregular crashes with revision 40303 (40270 was ok) and 
weird UI drawing problems when I toggle text antialiasing in user prefs. 
Sometimes Blender crashes instantly, sometimes I have to click a bit more in 
user prefs, sometimes the text in the properties headings dissapears or 
become gibberish.

I managed to make a RelWithDebInfo build with also turned off Bullet and 
gameengine and to get a backtrace, I hope it's useful:


I read the commit message from the merge at r40298 about instabilites due to 
nodes, but this doesn't seem related, so I'm mentioning it. It also might 
happen with trunk - I got it to crash once when clicking wildly in user 
prefs, but I can't reproduce it reliably enough to file a bug on trunk, and 
I'm not sure if it's really the same issue.

I noticed a commit (r40116) to speedup font drawing in trunk, maybe related?

I'm on Linux 64 Bit with Nvidia prop. drivers.


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