[Bf-cycles] Cycles initializing error

Sam Lapere sam.lapere at live.be
Fri Sep 9 13:21:55 CEST 2011


I've been trying to build Blender with Cycles CUDA and it compiled without errors. When I launch the executable and switch the render mode to Rendered (with Cycles), Blender crashes and the comaand prompt displays the following errors:

RNA_int_get: CyclesRenderSettings.preview_passes not found.
RNA_int_get: CyclesRenderSettings.diffuse_bounce not found.
RNA_int_get: CyclesRenderSettings.glossy_bounces not found.
RNA_int_get: CyclesRenderSettings.transmission_bounces not found.
RNA_int_get: CyclesRenderSettings.transparent_max_bounces not found.
RNA_int_get: CyclesRenderSettings.transparent_min_bounces not found.
RNA_float_get: CyclesRenderSettings.film_exposure not found.
RNA_enum_get: CyclesRenderSettings.filter_type not found.
RNA_boolean_get: CyclesRenderSettings.film_transparent not found.
RNA_pointer_get: CyclesRenderSettings.cycles_visibility not found.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

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