[Bf-cycles] Cycles: small bug (eaisly fixed) can cause big headache

David db4tech at yahoo.co.uk
Sun Oct 16 13:05:44 CEST 2011

Cycles bug ('real time display' and 'during rendering') buttons, in Object modifiers and Outliner:

Hello Blender Cycles development team,

While learning Blender and Cycles for part of my BA (Hons) I have discovered a small bug in Cycles builds, I have been using DingTo's builds and have also checked the bug in another build by Spongbob. Hopefully it should be easy to fix the bug but until fixed can cause a big headache for some computers.

The Bug...

In the 'Outliner' the 'real time display' (eye icon) and 'during rendering' (camera icon) toggle buttons are correctly assigned to both Viewport render and F12 final render,the bug is in the 'Object Modifiers' section, where 'the real time display' (eye icon) toggle button and settings are being assigned to both Viewport render and F12 final render, the 'during rendering' (camera icon) toggle button and settings are being ignored in the F12 final render.

The reason it can cause a headache for some...
If several large meshes have a high setting Subdivision Surface modifier applied, it can speed up Viewport navigation/editing on older computers by having the Subsurf set to a low setting (say 1-2) for the 'View' and a higher setting (3-4 or above) for the 'Render'.  At the moment the 'Render' setting is being ignored.

Easy to Reproduce the Bug...

Open a recent Cycles build, using the default Cycles test scene, go to the 'Object Modifiers' section, set the Subsurf 'View' setting to = 0 (zero), then press F12 for a final render.  Even though the 'Render' setting still = 2, the Subsurf is not applied in an F12 final render, only the 'View setting works for both Viewport and F12.

I hope this clearly explains the problem, please feel free to ask any questions.
Looking forward to your reply.

Thank you for the fantastic Blender program and Cycles development, also to Thomas (DingTo) for your great Cycles builds!
Kind regards,

David Black

Checked the most recent build (41044) and the problem is still present.
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