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Sadly I couldn't watch online the Cycles presentation on the Bconf. 2011,
so maybe my questions were answered there... Anyway.

I consider myself a "neophyte" on this area, so excuse me if I say
something stupid...

If I'm not mistaken, Cycles right now uses only Path Tracing to do the
magic, which is easy to implement (especially on GPU) but really slow to
converge on complex lighting scenes... I read somewhere that there are
plans to improve the converce of Cycles by introducing Bidirectional Path
Tracing + maybe MLT or ERPT implementations... Theoretically, this could
improve by 2 or 3x the speed of Cycles...

My questions are:

1.- Can you elaborate on this plan?... Just out of curiosity I'd like to
know your perspective about PMC (Population Monte Carlo), BiDir, MTL, ERPT
and/or any papers you want to base on...

2.- Can you give a loose estimate on when can we start seeing this
stuff?... I know this is an annoying question, but right now I'm starting
to use Cycles for commercial projects and though I'm LOVING IT, I'd
certainly benefit from BiDir and so on...

An example (45 minutes to render in a GTX 550 Ti, 4096 samples)...

Thanks in advance.
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