[Bf-cycles] cycles, some questions about GPU

David Black db4tech at yahoo.co.uk
Wed Nov 16 22:08:21 CET 2011

Hi Sebastian,

Thank you Sebastian for your helpful questions and Brecht for your helpful replies!

> Thank you as well for your work

Thank you also Brecht for your advice about using an older graphics card for display.  
>I followed your advice about 4 weeks ago, what a liberating experience!
>Now using an 9600GT for display and a GTX 460 for Cycles.  
>No more Operating System slowdowns while rendering, able to use the computer as if nothing was happening.
>Recommend this to anyone who (isn't a gamer) has an older NVIDIA GPU and two graphic card slots, 

> lol, why (isn't a gamer), just wondering

or possibly even try Onboard GPU for your OS and dedicated GPU card for Cycles.
>I mentioned not a gamer because, the older graphics card is now providing the display, 
there is no monitor connection to the most powerful CUDA graphics card, 
unless someone has two monitors and doesn't mind the secondary display from the powerful graphics card slowing down during CUDA rendering.

So (depending on the older graphics cards architecture)things like Direct X 11 might not be available, 
there may not be as much display memory, or there may not be enough raw GPU power for modern 3D gaming.

The powerful graphics card now handles just the CUDA computations, 
possibly easiest to understand if it is consider it more like another CPU within a computer, rather than a GPU. 

Hope this makes sense and helps explain!

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