[Bf-cycles] cycles, some questions about GPU

David Black db4tech at yahoo.co.uk
Wed Nov 16 16:47:33 CET 2011

Hi Brecht,

>> 8-. just for private use: Do you recommend any GPU?

> NVidia GTX 460, 560 and up, with as much memory as possible.

>> 9.-I know you can't tell, but when you think will multiple GPUs be supported (CUDA)?

> In the next few months.

By your replies it seems worthwhile paying the extra to get a GTX 590, rather than a GTX 580?
I guess, at the moment, only 512 CUDA cores on an GTX 590 are being used but eventually all 1024 cores willbe utilised?

Thank you Sebastian for your helpful questions and Brecht for your helpful replies!

Thank you also Brecht for your advice about using an older graphics card for display.  

I followed your advice about 4 weeks ago, what a liberating experience!
Now using an 9600GT for display and a GTX 460 for Cycles.  

No more Operating System slowdowns while rendering, able to use the computer as if nothing was happening.

Recommend this to anyone who (isn't a gamer) has an older NVIDIA GPU and two graphic card slots, 

or possibly even try Onboard GPU for your OS and dedicated GPU card for Cycles.

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