[Bf-cycles] Added nodes (position issue)

David Black db4tech at yahoo.co.uk
Sat Nov 5 01:59:02 CET 2011

Hi Thomas plus other Devs,

Added nodes (position issue) update
Where certain nodes always appear far off the bottom of the Node Editor view.
Found it is dependent on where 
the mouse is placed when adding nodes, 

If using a 
very high resolution display and adding nodes using Shift A you might not experience this issue.
Does it happen when using the Add button (mentioned below) on a high resolution display?

The test for others to try
Try adding... 
Texture Coordinate, Mix Shader, Add Shader, Noise Texture, Distorted Noise Texture and Musgrave Texture.
using the Node Editor 'Add' button, 

Scroll the Node Editor window all the way out, so nodes are tiny. 

Try adding the same nodes again using the Add button.

Do the nodes appear far off the bottom of the Node Editor window?

Can an algorithm be used to calculate a node tree perimeter, 

so newly added nodes are always placed just outside of a node tree and not dependant on mouse placement?

First mentioned on BlenderArtists.org.

Thank you,

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