[Bf-cycles] Rendered viewport speed increase idea...

David db4tech at yahoo.co.uk
Fri Nov 4 18:39:21 CET 2011

Hi Brecht,

Rendered viewport speed increase idea...

Two viewport render quality settings 'High' and 'Low', choice offered below the 'Preview' samples setting.

'High' setting, same as now, 1/1 resolution. 

'Low' setting, everything the same except for using half the resolution 2/1.

This could help offer interactive viewport render speed increases for users with lower powered hardware, 

maybe even users with very high resolution displays, complexly lit (indirectly illuminated scenes) are slower to render and gauge lighting due to increased viewport resolution.

I know a small viewport preview can be set-up within the interface but sometimes it can be helpful to switch the current large viewport to interactive render, then back.

Thank you,


PS: I have a fast GPU, thinking of ideas to help others.
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