[Bf-cycles] Lightprobe importance sampling

Mike Farnsworth mike.farnsworth at gmail.com
Wed Dec 28 08:11:35 CET 2011

Just a quick heads-up, I'm starting to tinker with cycles, in particular
I'm trying to add support for Pharr/Humphries style importance sampling of
environment images.  I wanted to make sure I had a clear understanding of
what I need to change to make it happen.

It appears to me that the path integrator just samples the environment on
ray misses based on importance sampling the BSDF.  The only time MIS and
light importance sampling come into play are when doing direct lighting.
The environment doesn't count as a 'light' in cycles, thus it never even
has a chance to offer important directions and a PDF.  So, to start, I need
to make the environment also appear as a light (useful for images and the
sky background, for example).  Once that is done, I can precompute some
importance information, stuff it in a texture, and go from there?

Let me know if I'm totally barking up the wrong tree.

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