[Bf-cycles] Breaking news, OpenCL work on my AMD 5670 on linux x86_64

storm kartochka22 at yandex.ru
Fri Dec 23 21:42:08 CET 2011

Good news:
At last, my anti- NVIDIA bias produce some positive result :).

Yes, I "bisected" some SVM related functions, starting from displacement
shader, found that it disabled by Brecht for any opencl hardware, even
nvidia, fix float3/float4 size trickery, then just for fun try to bisect
background shader, and by accident make it work. Hour later, I have
half-working (not tryed textures, only basic closures work) Cycles, of
course with volume patch applyed and it work on my test glass-milk

Bad news, it slower then CPU. Almost same speed as my phenom II 955, and
GUI very sluggish.

Attached patch is just snapshot of last working svn, later I try to
select only bugged part.

As I understansd, AMD compiler have trouble to compile long switch
statement, and I by accident comment most part of svm.h and it stop
crashing in GPU kernel. More info later, back to bisecting!

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