[Bf-cycles] Recycling of a shader in other shader

Constantin Rahn conz at vrchannel.de
Mon Dec 19 11:51:46 CET 2011


would it make sense to have the possibility to reuse a shader in a 
different shader, to expand an existing one?
I don't want to request this feature, yet. But I want to know if 
something like this is on the ToDo list?
Would it be to dangerous, bec. there is the possibility to build an 
infinite loop with it? (Both shaders are referencing to the other one)

Here is a small draft how it could look as a node. Maybe as an extra 
input node or as an attribute.


I have the situation in one of my projects, where I have a base material 
and some slightly extended versions of it. Right now I have to copy the 
whole shader in the new extended one. If I want to change the base 
material, than I have to change it in all of the versions, too. It would 
be nice to change only the base material and all extended versions are 
changed to the new values, too.

What do you think about this?
(I'm no developer)

Best regards,

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