[Bf-cycles] old volumetric patch rebased

storm kartochka22 at yandex.ru
Sun Dec 18 05:24:49 CET 2011

Update, very annoying bug fixed in HG importance sampling function, i
mixed "phi" angle and cosinus of angle, it make any render with HG
assymmetric factor "g" toher thhen 0 wrong, now it looks much better
evern with "g" close to extreme --1 or 1 values.

Also I figured that Sobol based random generator must be used only once
per dimension, and I add separate congruential generator even if
__SOBOL__ definied. It useful for many sequential random number in
volume iteration loop.

Now with that bug fixed I going to clean patch to remove all #ifdefs
used in bug hunting, i leave them for now because need more tests on
real scenes, maybe week, to be sure that bug gone.

В Пн., 12/12/2011 в 19:07 +0400, storm пишет:
> Please ignore MTL related property and  kernel_mlt.c, it just joke, i am
> too lazy to comment them out. Patch is snapshot of local current svn.
> Nothing new, literally, except it rebased to latest Blender svn and
> Density input now somewhat work, if Homogeneous check not set, you can
> plug in some 3d procedural texture to play with woodcock algorithm.
> Warning: woodcock constant hard coded to 0.95, so variable density
> greater 0.95 do not work.
> Just to be sure, i repeat: nothing MLT related in this patch, it is my
> own stupid sandbox random lines of code.
> Still waiting for new AMD drivers for linux, maybe after that i can do
> something more useful. Patch work only on CPU if work at all.
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