[Bf-cycles] old volumetric patch rebased

storm kartochka22 at yandex.ru
Fri Dec 16 05:19:02 CET 2011

I use naive assumption to detect camera volume material, at eye point,
so it expected and sure there are  more bugs like that. There is camera
near clipping too BTW. To make it robust we need full volume based scene
geometry data like boolean object trees. Blender use mesh data, holding
only hull, sometime not closed, it make things even harder. For now, I
assume first ray from camera is outside any geometry object, look at
kernel_path.c in  kernel_path_integrate()

        int media_volume_shader = kernel_data.background.shader; //
assume camera always in air, need proper CSG stack based solution.

then I swap it by other material when photon cross tansparent-like
surface from outside based by geometry normal, and set it back if shoot
out and hierarhy level less then 2. Very ugly, but it work for simple
"milk in glass" scenes for tests. Colored bubble in milk in glass or
anything deeper in hierarhy will not work. Of course, it must be
rewriten to proper solution, but it not easy.

В Ср., 14/12/2011 в 20:38 -0500, Kel M пишет:
> Hi, I found that if Homogenous volume is enabled, if the camera is
> inside the volume, it goes dark. Is this supposed to happen?
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