[Bf-cycles] old volumetric patch rebased

storm kartochka22 at yandex.ru
Mon Dec 12 16:07:10 CET 2011

Please ignore MTL related property and  kernel_mlt.c, it just joke, i am
too lazy to comment them out. Patch is snapshot of local current svn.

Nothing new, literally, except it rebased to latest Blender svn and
Density input now somewhat work, if Homogeneous check not set, you can
plug in some 3d procedural texture to play with woodcock algorithm.
Warning: woodcock constant hard coded to 0.95, so variable density
greater 0.95 do not work.

Just to be sure, i repeat: nothing MLT related in this patch, it is my
own stupid sandbox random lines of code.

Still waiting for new AMD drivers for linux, maybe after that i can do
something more useful. Patch work only on CPU if work at all.

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