[Bf-committers] Studio Library addon

VDiabloV1 v.diablo.v at gmail.com
Mon Mar 14 08:30:26 CET 2022


Hope you're all well, I'm a lead developer at our company where we've
decided to use Blender to create our products. We create many varying short
animated clips with a heavy emphasis on motion capture implementation.

Currently, the workflow is very tedious for our animators, where many have
suggested we develop a python tool similar to that of *Maya's "Studio
*https://www.studiolibrary.com/ <https://www.studiolibrary.com/>*

I've gone through this addon and investigated blender's features and it
seems that pose features are present, we can utilize Blender's selection
set addon, and there is an asset browser that If I'm understanding
correctly, can be used for any blender "data-block" asset.

Besides these similar present features, Blender still lacks an easy use,
and convenient library for not only poses, and selection sets but
ANIMATIONS as well. Where the artist can utilize a wide range of
user-friendly organization tools to help them easily create assets that are
aligned with their preferred workflow.

*My question is:*
Are there any Blender developers that are currently working on implementing
these features? If so how is the progress on that? If you guys aren't, I
will just go ahead and try my hand at developing this python addon for

Apologies if this is the incorrect mailing list,

Martin Grabarski


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