[Bf-committers] Extended maintenance for Phabricator

Danny McGrath dan at blender.org
Fri Mar 11 16:01:03 CET 2022


I will be performing some extended MySQL maintenance tonight on the
Phabricator database at developer.blender.org.

While most of the DB tables have already been optimized, one of the
extremely large ones, has yet to be done. This particular optimization will
require multiple hours, mostly due to excessive HDD load on this particular
server. Estimates place the task to be in the 2 to 4 hour range, based on
past tables.

I will aim to start the work around 2pm EST/8pm CET today. If the site
runes without length blocking or slowdown, I may opt to leave it
functioning. However, if it becomes a problem, I may place the site into
maintenance mode with a banner page.

I will report back here to this mail when everything is complete. Sorry for
the inconvenience!


Danny McGrath - dan at blender.org - www.blender.org
System Administrator at Blender
GPG key: 0x696871CA

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