[Bf-committers] Gitea as choice for Phabricator migration. Reasons and timeline

Arnd Marijnissen arnd at blender.org
Mon Jun 27 15:19:47 CEST 2022

This topic has just been posted to devtalk.
Given that its importance, it is clear it also belongs here.

First off, apologies for the low rate of public updates on this topic.

This did not reflect the amount of internal discussion and development 
that’s gone into this subject both online as well as at the blender studio.

The outcome of the process so far is that we’ve decided is that Gitea is 
our platform-of-choice for moving to, away from Phabricator.

There are a fair number of reasons for this and a lot of them have been 
voiced in the previous thread here on devtalk, but the general consensus 
has also become clear in talks with people we’ve spoken to as well as 
what are desired long-term goals and achievements the blender-foundation 
wants to work towards.

In a lot of ways, having a fully open-source platform available to us is 
something that is seen as both important as well as beneficial to 
Blender on the shorter and longer term. And, also importantly, not just 
for us.

In the process of exploring options, the first steps have already been 
taken towards getting a Gitea setup up and running and contain 
meaningful data. More will be coming in the following weeks and I hope 
to be able to show something by the middle of next week to the wider 

We’ve reached out to the Gitea developers regarding our wish to move 
towards their software and are looking forward to explore any 
possibilities that’d provide mutual benefit in the form of strengthening 
the goals of our communities; building the best open source solution out 
there for our users.

As for Blender, the ambition is to have a working, usable, implemented 
development-forge running in the course of October. This will not be 
easy but seems possible with what we’ve discovered through the work 
already performed.

As we work towards that goal, we want to also start producing more 
regular updates on where we stand and what our developer-community can 
expect. When are there opportunities to help test things, how to provide 
feedback (and about what), when will the exact switchover be and how 
will that happen, etc.

Expect more about this , soon, as this gets dialed in. Devtalk will be 
part of it, for sure.

(ps: bf-committers, too)


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