[Bf-committers] Introduction: Just a Devops and Infra guy.

Arnd 'Justa' Marijnissen arnd at blender.org
Thu Jan 27 12:20:17 CET 2022

Sorry for the obvious pun.

I just wanted to drop a note about me having joined the blender 
organization recently as an infrastructure-guy AND, more relevantly, as 
the person who'll be taking on a good number of DevOps related tasks 
that should benefit all developers working on blender-related stuffs. 
This includes you!

Some might have seen me around under my handle 'Justa', on 
blender-coders where I have lurked for a good few years now. Also of 
'Justacluster' fame; having helped build a render-cluster to be used for 
Sintel and subsequent other projects.

That aside; my main focus at blender, on the short term, will be to aid 
in the selection of what platform will be replacing the Phabricator 
software currently in use on https://developer.blender.org as Facebook 
has stopped the development of this last year.

More news about this will be shared here and in other places, so I will 
not make this mail about that *but* if you do have immediate questions 
or concerns or even tips and suggestions, please feel free to reach out 
to me on arnd at blender.org !

I just wanted to let people know that I'm out there, and if you're a 
developer, I'm out there  for *you*! So if there are things that need 
fixes, changes, etc.. I'd love to hear about it.

Kind regards,

  Arnd 'Justa' Marijnissen
   arnd at blender.org

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