[Bf-committers] Corrective 3.0.1 release

Philipp Oeser info at graphics-engineer.com
Tue Jan 11 16:40:11 CET 2022

Hi all!

I have pushed the fixes for a corrective 3.0.1 release [*] to the
blender-v3.0-release branch now.
Has a nice list of 77 fixes already, thx!

Propose to release this either next Wednesday [19.01.2022] or - if we
want more testing in that branch or give developers a chance to tackle
any of the other regressions - one week later [26.01.2022].
Opinions on the release (date)?

[*] https://developer.blender.org/T93479


P.S. 2.93.8 has 20 fixes waiting for a LTS release this month, propose
to do it on the "other" Wednesday.
P.P.S: 3.1 is supposed to come out ~March 9

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