[Bf-committers] Clean-up of Phabricator project tags

Thomas Dinges thomas at blender.org
Mon Jan 10 19:20:56 CET 2022

After some feedback my mail wasn't clear, I apologize for that.

Brecht now cleaned it up already, so there is not much left to do 
regarding these project tags. I still like to clarify what I meant.

In general: Phabricator has project pages (e.g. 
https://developer.blender.org/project/profile/95/) These are tags at the 
same time (can be linked to from reports, patches etc...).

- The module pages are listed in the right column here: 

- On these module pages it says (for example): "Bug reports and patches 
are to be filed againstVFX & Video".  This way contributors know which 
tags to use when creating a report.

Now: There are various other (sub) projects 
https://developer.blender.org/project/query/active/ I was asking to 
check which of these are used and which can be archived? (Manage -> 
Archive Project)

- If a module has submodules, these should be linked to from the main 
module page.

But since this is handled now, we should be good.

I will send another mail soon, with a clear example, which information 
should be on the landing page as well.

Best regards,


Am 10.01.2022 um 17:45 schrieb Thomas Dinges:
> Hi, (especially module owners)
> there are various project pages and tags on developer.blender.org, 
> some of them seem outdated or superseded by others.
> Examples:
> "Cycles" and "Render & Cycles" (might be an exception due to the 
> stand-alone repository though)
> "Nodes" and "Nodes & Physics"
> "Pipeline, Assets & I/O" and "Import / Export"
> [...]
> As part of the upcoming Module Improvements [1] , every module should 
> have one official tag. Patches and reports are then to be tagged 
> accordingly.
> If a module likes to have sub tags for  specific areas, that is 
> possible, but it should be clear which tag is the main one to avoid 
> confusion.
> Can module owners please check on their tags and decide which one 
> should be the main one? Unused ones can be archived or deleted (not 
> sure what is best for Phabricator).
> Please mention the main tag on your module landing page then (see [2] 
> as an example).
> If there are questions about this, feel free to ask me on the chat.
> Thanks in advance,
> Thomas
> [1] https://devtalk.blender.org/t/improve-module-pages-roles/21281
> [2] https://developer.blender.org/project/profile/5/
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