[Bf-committers] *** SPAM *** Weekly Development Notes Followup

Bastien Montagne montagne29 at wanadoo.fr
Tue Sep 21 09:20:11 CEST 2021

Hi Ryan,

Not sure how you see that as a personal attack? Fact is, I think 
spending half a day on something does earns it a note in the weekly report.

And yes, I was frustrated spending time having to demo the issue after 
explaining it's cause/source, finding again the exact use case 
triggering it, rebuilding both branch and master to ensure it was proper 
example, etc. We all have (tight) schedules and I was frustrated this 
was considered high priority enough to take it over more pressing 
matters for Blender 3.0 upcoming BCon2.

I know that expressing personal frustration may not be a good idea, but 
that does not in any case make it a personal attack, sorry if you felt 
it like that.


On 9/21/21 8:49 AM, Ryan Inch via Bf-committers wrote:
> Hello Dalai,
> I missed reading Bastien's weekly notes last week or I would have 
> brought this issue up then.  In Bastien's notes for Week 425 - 09/04 
> to 09/10, one of his notes is this: "Spent time on 
> re-explaining/re-investigating T9599 (sigh…)."
> In what case is it acceptable for a developer to put something like 
> this in their official weekly development notes?  I was under the 
> impression that personal attacks were not tolerated?  (And for the 
> record it's D9599 not T)
> Ryan
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