[Bf-committers] Blender 3.0 Code Architecture Documentation

Dalai Felinto dalai at blender.org
Fri Nov 26 16:09:40 CET 2021


There was a meeting today at the Blender Institute to tackle the code
documentation deficit we have in Blender [1].

The initial outcome was that developers here will allocate 3 full days in
December to cover important undocumented parts in the wiki [2].

The work will be done asynchronously but most people will be around to
provide feedback. Everyone is welcome to join and document the parts of the
code they know well.

The effort is centralized in the task T93407 [3]. Sharing the progress,
asking for feedback and questions can happen in #blender-coders.

[1] -
[2] - https://wiki.blender.org/wiki/Source
[3] - https://developer.blender.org/T93407

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Blender Development Coordinator
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