[Bf-committers] Add-on bundling policy in Blender releases

Ton Roosendaal ton at blender.org
Mon May 17 16:24:40 CEST 2021

Hi everyone,

Back in 2013 I proposed here to have an option for companies who wish to 
include an add-on in the Blender release. The original request was from 
Shapeways, the add-on they offered would make it easier for users to 
send the file over to their server.

We settled on a set of simple rules for this, outlined on this wiki page 
(in bottom).

I suggest to drop this exception per Blender 3.0 (released in Q3).

The immediate reason is that I expect offers from commercial software 
vendors offering add-ons to bridge with their products, which would 
devaluate our open/free mission.

Back then, in 2013, the requested donation was also quite welcome. It 
currently feels awkward though, and it actually defies the definition of 
how donations should work.

I've discussed it with the bf-blender admins, and they agree on dropping 
this. If we would do something to help our add-on developers; it's to 
build a more friendly way to offer/upgrade officially approved add-ons 
via blender.org.

Currently, afaik, there is only one company using this option (and 
donating still): Sketchfab. I will connect with them.

Feedback welcome,


Ton Roosendaal - ton at blender.org - www.blender.org
Chairman Blender Foundation, CEO Blender Institute / Studio
Buikslotermeerplein 161, 1025 ET Amsterdam, the Netherlands

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