[Bf-committers] Blender developer week notes - 2021.07.12

Dalai Felinto dalai at blender.org
Tue Jul 13 09:47:02 CEST 2021

Hi all,

Here are the compiled notes for this week's development. For the complete
report with modules and projects updates, links and images read it on:

* Jesse Yurkovich (deadpin) joins the "Platforms, Builds, Tests & Devices"

* Google Summer of Code 1st evaluation deadline is Friday 16/July 20:00
* New performance testing framework [1] in master.
** Used for Cycles now, but developers are encouraged to use it for testing
and tracking performance of more Blender features.

Geometry Nodes
 * Nodes workshop June 2021 write up [2]

[1] - https://wiki.blender.org/wiki/Tools/Tests/Performance
[2] - https://code.blender.org/2021/07/nodes-workshop-june-2021/

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Blender Development Coordinator
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