[Bf-committers] Blender developer week notes - 2021.02.15

Dalai Felinto dalai at blender.org
Mon Feb 15 19:19:37 CET 2021

Hi all,

Here are the compiled notes for this week's development. For the complete
report with modules and projects updates, links and images read it on:


* Google Summer of Code Ideas page is still mostly with old ideas, deadline
is February 19th (Friday).
* Bulidbots will be on maintenance 16 February, Tuesday.
* 2.92 bcon4 on 17 February.
  - We will go back to using release_candidate tags.
  - High frequency tablet input will be removed since it introduced many
problems for old drivers, but will come back in 2.93.
* 2.93 bcon2 on 17 February.
* Python 3.9 support has landed for 2.93 alpha.
  - This has ended Blender support for Windows 7 and 8.
  - The new minimum requirement is Windows 8.1.

Have a great week everyone,
Dalai Felinto - dalai at blender.org - www.blender.org
Blender Development Coordinator
Buikslotermeerplein 161, 1025 ET Amsterdam, the Netherlands

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