[Bf-committers] Module improvements proposal - Feedback wanted

Thomas Dinges thomas at blender.org
Fri Dec 3 15:02:37 CET 2021


with the 3.0 release imminent, I kindly like to remind developers 
(especially module owners and members)

about my proposal 

Things I try to address wit it:

* Make the status of a module clearer. Is it actively maintained or not? 
Are there resources for patch review?

* Have a module landing page with important information, and ensure they 
are consistent with each other and up to date.

* Clarify the role of artist / QA members. What can they do, and how can 
artists become more involved?

I would appreciate some feedback (please post it on the forum here 

and will happily work on these changes then over the next few weeks, 
improving the appearance and communication of modules.

Best regards,


Thomas Dinges  -  thomas at blender.org   -  www.blender.org
Developer Community Coordinator at Blender
Buikslotermeerplein 161 - 1025 ET Amsterdam - The Netherlands

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