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Dalai Felinto dalai at blender.org
Fri Nov 27 12:19:54 CET 2020

H Elizabeth,

This list is for developers working on Blender projects and releases.

For feature requests I recommend you looking at: http://rightclickselect.com
. This is a community organized site, since the Blender project doesn't
handle feature requests.

If you need further clarifications let me know,

Op do 26 nov. 2020 om 15:33 schreef ravencroftgraphics3d via Bf-committers <
bf-committers at blender.org>:

> Hello,
> I am sending this email to this address because I really couldn't figure
> out where else it should go or who would handle things like this?
> This is in regards to a content management system between Blender and the
> Blender Marketplace storefront.
> Blender using an agile build flow, which is so easy to implement this in
> and for. I threw the idea a few years back to the guys over at blender
> marketplace and was told they couldn't. So, I brought it up again to them
> because a content management system between software and storefront is
> pretty much standard practice these days, especially when the software is
> built on an agile flow.
> DAZ has done it for YEARS now, at least 7 years, and now POSER 12 (which
> was sold to Bondware 2 years ago) is now being built on and released on an
> agile build flow (FINALLY!) and because they changed programming format to
> agile build, they ALSO (again FINALLY) have implemented a content
> management system between POSER 12 and Renderosity.com which hosts the
> content for POSER.
> Which leaves Blender and it's main content storefront, Blender Market....
> Still not connected.
> I don't need to tell you how much this would free up time and aggravation
> for developers and creators, I think you know it would be a godsend and
> would clean up workflows everywhere...
> The response I got back from Blender market was they are only 2-3 guys and
> can't spare the time for it to do the coding for it. I told them to talk to
> the super nice people over at Renderosity to see how they did it and get
> input from them, guidance and to also pitch it to you as well, because I
> believe that Bondware/POSER built the content management system and then
> Renderosity just had to 'connect' to it but I'm not sure. I sent them an
> email to have their programming department email me to answer some
> questions. Heck, the POSER 'superfly' render engine is built/based on
> blenders cycles.
> Here are the links to the companies I mentioned above:
> https://www.renderosity.com/
> https://www.renderosity.com/poser-12
> https://blendermarket.com/
> I'm sorry I have no contact information for Bondware who now owns POSER
> and is in charge of building and updating it now.
> I DO look forward to hearing back from you though. I would help/volunteer
> but I literally have no scripting experience, I live in blueprint land...
> Thank You!
> Sincerely,
> Elizabeth McLean
> Owner/Artist and
> teacher
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